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nyc metal scene presents: bloodfeast

NYC Metal Scene presents: Honoring the Goddess!... a night of crushing metal celebrating Deborah Max the Thorazine Goddess and her fellow survivors.
This is for anyone who has been ostracized or victimized by sexual assault, psychiatric labels and stigma; survivors of suicide, self injury and self hatred.
There are more of us out there than you think!
-Blood Feast- legendary death/thrash metal
latest EP Chopped, Sliced and Diced is amazing
-Dracaris- made top 40 best metal Metal injection' Nicholas
& DJ JET's top best 6 metal albums of 2018
-Korotory- influential thrash/death metal reaching back to the 90's
new LP/EP will be released soon
-Mörder- amazing NJDM performers
NYC/Union City death metal at it's finest
-World Sucks- aggressive grid-death-hardcore music
representing NJ