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Grave Gnosis • Tomb • Night Rite • Teloch Vovin


Based in St Petersburg, Florida, Grave Gnosis was formed in 2015 with the sole intent of expressing the divine experience of Death in full transcendent reverence. Translating ritual, myth, and worship into hymns of the inexpressible and untamed beauty that lies beyond the borders of our mundane world. Blending wide extremes of genre and a ceremonial live performance, the ever-growing cult of Grave Gnosis stands as a monument in honor of the Black Sun of Death.
By our acts of traitorous spite, may the words of Creation fall Silent
In Nomine Tiamat


Transgressive Ritualistic Noise


Trifectal Metal Ov Death


Teloch Vovin's Music is about Creation Transcending Creator. It's about the release ov the Spirit from the Terrestrial Bonds and the Freedom that follows. Teloch Vovin is more a Coven than a band. Its members are like Minded Individuals who have joined together to Focus their Negativity, Hatred, Disgust, and Scorn and Channel it Back into the world, Thru their Music.