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Heavy New York Presents: A Benefit For SheaZilla

Although we wish it were under much better circumstances, we're proud to present the first ever Heavy New York Showcase!

As some of you may or may not know, the brother of a good friend of ours at Heavy New York, and Lucky 13 Saloon, has gotten very ill. All profits will go to his medical bills!

This is also Heavy New York's very own Alexander Haber's Birthday celebration!

We have one helluva diverse, kickass line up stacked up for you guys!

Spectral Voices
Dishonest Escape
Mother Harlot
Fear is Dead
And Paraganosis!!!

The gofundme page for Shea states the following.

"On July 4th Shea's appendix burst. The doctor informed us it was quite a mess in there after his appendectomy. Since his surgery he has undergone several complications from infection to reactions to anesthesia. After a rough two weeks in the hospital, it was determined that Shea would need to have a second surgery to remove the damage caused by infection. It's clear now that he will be in for a long recovery on top of the miserable two weeks he's already sustained. It's been an emotional journey watching my best friend go through so much pain but the support of all our wonderful friends and family has kept me chooglin' along. We are are working closely with the hospitals and financial aide but it's no lie that Shea's hospital bills will be astronomical. With abdominal surgery like his, we can't even be sure when he will be back at work. We are humbly asking for your support, whether it be through this financial vessel, good vibes or hospital visits. Let's get this hotdog back in the saddle! ❤️❤️❤️"

Here's the gofundme link!

Anything helps!