From a Lacerated Sky: An In-Depth Look at Slayer's Reign in Blood

Three decades and numerous subgenres later, Slayer's Reign in Blood marks a peak in American music that spawned countless imitators but has never been matched. In less than half an hour, four Southern California headbangers gave a new face to traditionalist fears, set new standards for loud and fast, and raised questions about art, politics, history and religion that are still being fought over today. But how does Reign in Blood stay shocking? How does the art come out in all the noise about Satan, Nazis and carnage? What is this intangible force that makes people shout the band's name (Slayer!) even when they're not at a Slayer show, or a metal show, or know any Slayer songs? We'll kick off the MetalSucks Dead Talks series with a thorough discussion.

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