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Bleak / Sangharsha / Inertia / OldBones / Prostitution

Bleak (
We do this because we need to escape. "We do not do this because we want to, we do this because we have to."


Sad Violence from New Jersey 

Oldbones (
OLDBONES is an extreme metal band from Brooklyn, NY in the vein of Gaza/Cult Leader and Trap Them. Comprised of members from Architect, Found Dead Hanging, Hivesmasher, and Morning Again/Bird of Ill Omen, they intend to bring a dirty sound and attitude back to heavy metal.

Prostitution (official band page)
Prostitution (meretrix meretricis) is a Brooklyn, NY based progressive black metal band composed of bassist Jesse Adelson, drummer Jason Spence, and guitarist Russ Cowen. All three members sing, with Adelson the lead vocalist. Streams of rhythm and picking release a propulsion in their music that pushes their sound relentlessly. Melody, the acoustic germ of each song, blossoms through traditional black metal vocals and torrents of non-linear sound. Organized chaos rolls off the stage. The exhilaration of playing is contagious. Their love of music is obvious.