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The James Rocket, The Amanda White Band, Lucrative Jacket, The Eargoggle

The James Rocket share the bill Saturday 3/21 at Lucky 13 in beautiful Gowanus with Lucrative Jacket and The Amanda White Band! Bring everyone, as long as they're 21+ and can scrape together eight bucks. ALSO: featuring the DEBUT of The Eargoggle!

8:30 pm Lucrative Jacket is a French-American rock band with elements of blues, hard rock, and funky beats mixed into one from Manhattan, NY. For the past 2 years they've played at various venues all over NYC and have plans to record their first album this spring.

9:30 pm Amanda White Band - a fiery, a female-fronted rock trio. Don't let the classical-singer-headshot fool you.

10:30 pm The James Rocket are here to break all of your kid's toys and blame it on your dog. They'll piss off your neighbors and embarrass your children, but for some reason your wife will be humming their songs all night. They can't help it, it's just how they are.

11:30 pm Ezra Gale plays in more bands than anyone would ever advise, and yet here he is unveiling The Eargoggle ( Everybody be nice to them!